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Kenwood Promotional Videos

Source Food were tasked to create recipe videos that showcase the Kenwood Chef Titanium and all its features. 
These videos followed a template of well-known chefs creating these dishes, educating on how to use the machine,
as well as beautiful close-ups of the recipes and the machine working its magic.

We developed recipes with a South African twist, in conjunction with Sense of Taste Culinary School in Cape Town.  

I was in charge of art direction, food styling, project management, and sourcing.

Below are a few behind the scen shots.

Source Food Social Media Snippets

Below are a few examples of content created for Source Food’s social media pages.
These were quick video clips captured by iPhone and edited for social media.

Source Food DIY Canapé Videos

We developed these videos in-house at Source Food,
to encourage and show our followers/customers how to quickly assemble canapés at home. 
This was also part of a broader concept to create ‘party boxes’ that customers can order and then just assemble at home.

Corporate Pitch Gifts

These were developed to leave behind when we do a pitch to a new client at Source Food.  
The box contained 5 white macarons and one gold macaron to show that Source Food is different. 
A golden cut-out sticker of the word “connect” was applied, 
and a golden card with the company details accompanied the box.

Source Food Social Media Photos

Most of these were plated by the Source Food chefs.

Food Typography/lettering

A few content pieces created using food elements.

Source Food quick tutorials/instructions