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Food Kult.


To listen, for diagnostic purposes, to the sounds made by the internal organs of the body. For example, nurses & physicians auscultate the lungs and heart of a patient by using a stethoscope placed on the patient’s chest or back.


A plant variety that has been produced in cultivation by selective breeding.


The cultivation of a single crop in a given area

About this project

This project is a play on words containing the word ‘cult’ for the Kult edition of Justsunday magazine.

Auscultate’ represents how something can be perceived as something completely different to what it is on the inside. This is true for human beings, as well as food and media we consume. We need to be more aware of where our food and sources come from if we’re going to let it influence us mentally or physically.

Cultivar’ represents how we adjust and manipulate everything to suit our needs,
despite the way it was intended to be used. This is playing with the idea of genetically modified food,
as well as manipulated media to consume an audience.

Monoculture’ represents a more spiritual human condition.

We all seem to think we are the chosen few – in religion, cliques, groups of friends, races, etc.

The chicken feet represent a very similar walk of life we all go through, differences set aside – birth, fitting in, survival, confusion, existentialism, trying to relate, finding shelter, family, kin, death and more.

The ‘holes’ on the chicken feet were not added in post and is reminiscent of stigmata.

We’re all just trying to find a scapegoat and a saviour ’cause we don’t know what we’re doing but we do it anyway.